Day Trips

Trips on the river for the day can be 2, 3, or 6 hours depending on the canoeing that one wants to enjoy. The standard day trip of 3 hours covers 9 miles on the river and offers plenty of white sand beaches where one may picnic, swim, sunbath, or stop and relax on your way down the river. The river in this 3 hour stretch is marked every 30 minutes to let you know your exact location on the river. This is a very scenic part of the river and offers just the right setting for a fun day on the river. Most groups or couples take about 5 hours to make this trip. However, you are encouraged to stay longer and make a day of it, enjoying the beauty of the river and its many white sand beaches.

The 2 hour trip is merely a shorter version of the 3 hour trip, usually for younger groups with little canoeing experience.

The 6 hour trip is for the more experienced canoeist who doesn't mind a long day of paddling. This a beautiful part of the river, isolated and scenic.

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