Group Trips
Church groups, corporate organizations, families, reunions, as well as, special groups of (6) six canoes or more are offered discount rates of $25.00 per canoe (two people) for any day trip. A day trip consist of a two hour trip or a three hour trip. Both trips have the river marked every 30 minutes, which  indicates the actual paddling time of the trip. Groups may stay on the river as long as they wish, and enjoy stops on the many white sand beach areas along the way. These sand beach areas offer excellent stopping points for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, or fishing.
  Come relax, and enjoy a day on the St. Marys River with Canoe Country Outpost. Remember the St. Marys River is the state line for both Georgia and Florida, and it is unique to paddle a river with Georgia on one side and Florida on the other. The St. Marys River is a scenic wilderness area that offers a solitude experienced by few, in today's fast pace world of computers and technology.

Roger Giddens, Owner
Route 4, Box 7225, Hilliard, FL 32046

Reservations: 904-845-7224