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Open year round Canoe Country Outpost offers 135 miles for canoeing on the St. Marys River, one of the more pristine rivers on the eastern seacoast. Day trips, group trips, moonlight trips, and overnight trips, lasting from one to seven days are offered for the novice as well as the expert canoeist. See one of our favorite articles this month: The 12 Best RV Rentals in Orlando For Your Camping Getaway!

Canoe Country Outpost is conveniently located just 35 miles north of Jacksonville, Florida, on Highway US-1, at the Georgia / Florida border on the St. Marys River. Map


History of the St. Marys River

The St. Marys River begins somewhere near Ellicott's Mound as a slight current of swamp water in the Okefenokee Swamp and runs a wild meandering scenic route for 135 miles to the Atlantic Ocean. From its source on the Okefenokee Swamp to the town of St. Marys, Georgia, located on the marshes of the Atlantic Ocean, it's only 65 miles as the crow flies.

However, canoeing its curves will take you 135 miles through its swamp like beginning, and then along glistening sand beaches, and finally the tidal waters of the coast.

The St. Marys River can be divided into three distinct sections:

The St. Marys River offers a variety of canoeing for both the beginner and the expert. There are day trips on the St. Marys where the river offers hardly a ripple in its majestic waters; the width, leisurely pace, and frequent restful beaches make it ideal for the beginner. Still the St. Marys River offers a bigger challenge for the expert wishing to canoe the 135 mile length. This trip will take more than a week. However, trips of 1 to 7 days can be arranged through Canoe Country Outpost.For more information about the river and for future canoe trips contact:
Canoe Country Outpost at 904-845-7224 or e-mail

Beginning near its headwaters it is a small stream, however, this is some of the most beautiful, and wild aspects of the river. Here the river is most difficult and occasionally dangerous. The river is slow when low, and swift when high.

The second stage of the river, starting at Highway 2 near St. George, Georgia and running  nearly 35 miles is wider and the current allows more maneuverability and more stable water. Canoe Country Outpost offers several day trips along this section of the river for groups and individuals. The river still maintains the scenic and intimacy it had upstream. There are many sand beaches for a picnic or campsite. Here are offered the best stretches of the river for canoeing.

Below Canoe Country Outpost and onto the coastal waters of the Atlantic, high, sandy bluffs replace the sandy beaches. The canoeist progress will be increasingly determined by the level and direction of the tides.

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